Toplam Enerji Verimliligi (Total Energy Efficiency)
TEV was founded in Istanbul in 2003, as a leading firm of its field of activity and with its young, dynamic and experienced staff, with a view to ensure the optimum use of the resources of our country and so raise the energy efficiency by developing the Total Energy Efficiency system, supported by its Research and Development activities.

The firm now serves and works on total efficiency rehabilitation projects ranging from the consumption efficiency in energy use to the energy generation.

In today’s world, where the level of creating added value for the unit energy consumption is well accepted a development criterion rather than the amount of energy use, investments on total energy generation facilities may be minimized by TEV and saving may be achieved on constant basis.

Our Vision

For the purpose of ensuring efficient use of energy; our vision is to make investment opportunities, based on advanced technology, accessible and to help Turkey grow under the framework of a sustainable development by means of bringing into use the global knowledge in this field.

Our Mission

To prove the reliability of our firm, to become a preferred business partner and investor by offering effective, productive and fast solutions for real and legal entities which we cooperate with.

To maintain our leading position by sharing the technologies and information we produce.

To update the TEV (total energy efficiency) system which we developed, in parallel with today’s technologies; to become famous and well-known for the emphasis we put on energy and efficiency.

To ensure the continuity of our achievements under the criteria of internationally-recognized firm performance.

To offer and ensure open communication at any level, dimension and environment.

To become a company, which everyone wants to take part in, by adopting and integrating into the firm the team spirit created on the basis of respect, reliability, transparency and social responsibility.

Committed to perfection and constant development in respect of quality and leadership, to play a determining role and lead the growth of energy industry in respect of Turkish Energy policy.

By taking any step under the awareness that the nature is and should be an inheritance to the next generation, to become an establishment creating added value for both the homeland and for all people around the world.